About Concurrent Collections

One of the most useful additions to the .Net 4.0 base class library is the System.Collections.Concurrent namespace, which contains an all-new set of lock-free thread.

However, these collections are noticeably different from their classical counterparts.  There is no simple ConcurrentList<T> that you can drop into your code so that it will become thread-safe.  Instead, the new namespace has a queue, a stack, and some new thing called a bag, as well as ConcurrentDictionary<TKey, TValue> that largely resembles classical dictionaries.  It also has a BlockingCollection<T> class that wraps a concurrent collection and blocks until operations can succeed.

Many people have complained that Microsoft chose to provide an entirely new set of classes, rather than adding synchronized versions of the existing collections. 

In truth, however, creating this new set of classes is the correct – and, in fact, only – choice.  Ordinary synchronized are rarely useful and will not make a program thread-safe.  In general, slapping locks everywhere does not make a program thread-safe!  Rather, that will either not help (if there aren’t enough locks) or, if there are enough locks, result in deadlocks or a program that never runs more than one thread at a time.  (depending on how many different objects get locked)

Collections in particular have two fundamental issues when used on multiple threads.

The first, and simpler, issue is that the collection classes themselves are not thread-safe.  If two threads add to a List<T> at the same exact time, one thread is likely to overwrite the other thread’s value.  A synchronized version of List<T> with a lock around every method would solve this problem.

The bigger issue is that any code that uses a List<T> is unlikely to be thread-safe, even if the list itself is thread-safe.  For example. you can never enumerate over a multi-threaded list, because another thread may change the list at any time, invalidating the enumerator.  This issue could be solved by taking a read lock for the lifetime of the enumerator.  However, that is also a bad idea, since if any client code forgets to dispose the enumerator, the collection will deadlock when written to.

You also cannot use indices.  It is never safe to get, set, or remove an item at an index, because another thread might remove that item or clear the entire collection between your index check and the operation.

To solve all of these problems, you need thread-safe collections that provide atomic operations.  This is why all of the concurrent collections have such strange methods, including TryPop, AddOrUpdate, and TryTake.  These methods perform their operations atomically, and return false if the collection was empty (as appropriate; consult the documentation for actual detail).  Thus, the new concurrent collections can be used reliably in actual multi-threaded code without a separate layer of locks.


You say "These methods perform their operations atomically, and return false if the collection was empty (as appropriate; consult the documentation for actual detail)."

Reading the documentation for ConcurrentQueue.TryDequeue, I only see it say that it returns false if the Dequeue FAILS. It doesn't say why it might fail. Are you saying that it only fails if the Queue is empty? That there is no synchronization failure I need to worry about, or retry for?

Reading the source, ConcurrentQueue.TryDequeue will only return false if the queue is empty.

"If two threads add to a List at the same exact time, one thread is likely to overwrite the other thread’s value" does mean "thread-unsafe" only incoherent or undesired state of thread

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The introduction of the System.Collections.Concurrent namespace in .NET 4.0 brings invaluable additions to the base class library. The decision to create new classes, rather than synchronized versions, is apt for true thread safety.
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Concurrent Collections in Java provide thread-safe data structures for parallel processing and efficient data handling, enhancing performance in multi-threaded applications. They streamline concurrency complexities, promote scalability, and responsiveness in software development by ensuring data corruption and conflicts are avoided. Top New York Divorce Attorneys

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Programming has changed dramatically with concurrent collections, which make it possible to manipulate data safely and effectively in multi-threaded contexts. The thread-safe operations offered by these collections guarantee the consistency and integrity of data accessed by several threads at the same time. Developers can improve the efficiency of parallel programming operations and increase the scalability and performance of programs by utilizing concurrent collections. They also lessen common concurrency problems like race situations and deadlocks, streamlining the development process and enhancing the dependability of the code. Concurrent collections are therefore essential tools for developing reliable and efficient concurrent software systems.abogado dui sussex virginia

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Concurrent collections, alternatively referred to as thread-safe collections, are data structures intended to allow for the safe concurrent access of multiple threads. They offer safeguards against problems like race conditions and guarantee data integrity by guaranteeing that actions on the collection are coordinated. Since concurrent collections eliminate the requirement for manual synchronization of access to shared data structures, developing multithreaded applications can be made much simpler. Concurrent collections can aid in thread safety, but they do not address every concurrency problem. As a result, developers still need to be aware of potential hazards like deadlock and livelock.abogado de impuestos sobre sucesiones y donaciones

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