Subtleties of C# 5’s new [CallerLineNumber]

UPDATE: Now that the Visual Studio 11 beta has shipped with this feature implemented, I wrote a separate blog post exploring how it actually behaves in these corner cases.

This is part 2 in a series about C# 5’s new caller info attributes; see the introduction.

The [CallerLineNumber] attribute tells the compiler to use the line number of the call site instead of the parameter’s default value.  This attribute has more corner cases than [CallerFileName].  In particular, unlike the C preprocessor’s __LINE__ macro, the C# compiler inserts the line number of a parsed method call.  Therefore, it is not always clear which line a method call expression maps to.

What should this call print:

static class Utils {
    int GetLine([CallerLineNumber] int line = 0) {
        return line;


Should it print the line number that the statement started? The line in which the call to GetLine started? The line containing the parentheses for GetLine? What if it’s in a multi-line lambda expression?

There are also a few cases in which methods are called implicitly by the compiler without appearing in source code.  What should this code print?

class Funny {
    public Funny Select(Func<object, object> d,
                        [CallerLineNumber]int line = 0) {
        Console.WriteLine(line + ": " + d(d));
        return this;

var r = (from x in new Funny() 
         let y = 1 
         select 2);

This code contains two implicit calls to the Select method that don’t have a clear source line (it gets worse for more complicated LINQ queries)

In fact, it is possible to have an implicit method call with no corresponding source code at all.

Consider this code:

class Loggable {
    public Loggable([CallerLineNumber] int line = 0) { }
class SomeClass : Loggable { }

The compiler will implicitly generate a constructor for SomeClass that calls the base Loggable constructor with its default parameter value.  What line should it pass? In fact, if SomeClass is a partial class that is defined in multiple files, it isn’t even clear what [CallerFileName] should pass.

Also, what should happen in the unlikely case that a [CallerLineNumber] method is called on line 3 billion (which would overflow an int)? (This would be easier to test on Roslyn with a fake stream source) Should it give an integer overflow compile-time error?  If [CallerLineNumber] also supports byte and short parameters, this scenario will be more likely to happen in practice.

Next time: [CallerMemberName]


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