Clarifying Boolean Parameters, part 1

Have you ever written code like this:

public void UpdateLayout(bool doFullLayout) {
    if (doFullLayout) {
        //Expensive code
    //More code

This pattern is commonly used when some operation has a “cheap” mode and an “expensive” mode.  Other code will have calls like UpdateLayout(false) and UpdateLayout(true) scattered throughout.

The problem is that this isn’t very obvious for people who aren’t familiar with the codebase.  If you take a look at a file you’ve never seen before and see calls like UpdateLayout(false) and UpdateLayout(true) scattered, you’ll have no idea what the true / false means.

The simplest solution is to break it out into two methods: UpdateComplexLayout() and UpdateBasicLayout().  However,  if the two different layout modes have intertwined code paths (eg, the code before and after the if above), this either won’t be possible or will lead to ugly duplication of code.

One alternative is to use enums:

public enum LayoutUpdateType {

public void UpdateLayout(LayoutUpdateType type) {
    if (type == LayoutUpdateType.Full) {
        //Expensive code
    //More code

This way, the callsites are much more descriptive: UpdateLayout(LayoutUpdateType.Full).  This also makes it easy to add more update modes in the future should the need arise.  However, it makes the callsites much more verbose.  When used frequently, this pattern can lead a vast proliferation of enum types that are each only used by one method, polluting the namespace and making more important enums harder to notice.

Next time: Cleverer alternatives


public void UpdateBasicLayout() {
public void UpdateFullLayout() {
private void UpdateLayout(bool doFullLayout) {
    /* Code */

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