Delegates vs. Function Pointers, part 1

Most languages – with the unfortunate exception of Java – allow functions to be passed around as variables.  C has function pointers, .Net has delegates, and Javascript and most functional programming languages treat functions as first class objects.

There is a fundamental difference between C-style function pointers vs. delegates or function objects.  Pure function pointers cannot hold any state other than the function itself.  In contrast, delegates and function objects do store additional state that the function can use.

To illustrate this difference,  I will use a simple example.  Most programming environments have a filter function that takes a collection and a predicate (a function that takes an item from the collection and returns a boolean), and returns a new collection with those items from the original collection that match the predicate.  In C#, this is the LINQ Where method; in Javascript, it’s the Array.filter method (introduced by Javascript 1.6).

Given a list of numbers, you can use such a method to find all numbers in the list that are greater than a local variable x.  However, in order to do that, the predicate have access to x.  In subsequent posts, I’ll explore how this can be done in different languages.


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Delegates are objects that encapsulate a function pointer. They are more flexible than function pointers, as they can be assigned to different functions at runtime. Delegates are also contoura procedure orlando florida to use with events, as they can be used to connect and disconnect event handlers.

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Exploring the nuances of Delegates and Function Pointers in part 1. Delving into the intricacies of these programming concepts and their distinct roles in various scenarios. Insightful read!
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Insightful comparison of function pointers in C with delegates in .Net and function objects in JavaScript. The explanation of state storage in delegates adds clarity. Looking forward to more language-specific examples!
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